Preparation Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, with beautiful sceneries and backdrops to add to your already gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene with what you love. Mountain weddings, beach weddings, and even backyard weddings have made their way onto the list of venues, and we are loving it.

But there are many things you need to think about when planning an outdoor wedding. They are not just the typical wedding and you have to worry about weather, lighting, shade, and even bugs. While an outdoor wedding may be just what you are looking for, there are a few extra plans that you need to make to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Planning your outdoor wedding can get complicated, especially depending on when you plan it. But when you pick Bohemia River Overlook as your venue, you will have an easier time planning. Our multiple locations and wedding packages making planning your perfect wedding easier. We will also provide you with a list of our favorite vendors, helping you to find the perfect vendors for your wedding.

There are certain things you can have ready and prepared that will help make your outdoor wedding even more exciting and special. In this blog, we will give you some tips to planning the perfect outdoor wedding.


Weather is an important factor to consider when planning your outdoor wedding. And when we say weather, we mean weather. Sun, rain, snow, and any other that weather you can think of, you should plan for.

The heat may be too intense, so providing plenty of shade for your wedding can provide more comfort for your guests. Whether you provide hats or fans, you need to be sure that your guests aren’t sweltering in the heat. But even shade won’t make the most miserably hot day better. Be sure that you have ice cold bottles of water at the ready for your guests to cool down with throughout the ceremony and reception.

Rain is another thing you have to worry about. While a drizzle is meant to be good luck on a wedding day, you don’t want your guests or the wedding party getting soaked. Preparing for the rain can help to make your outdoor celebration better for everyone. Have umbrellas ready and available for your guests, as well as tents around the reception area. Keeping your guests dry and warm can help them enjoy your big day more.

Planning your wedding during the winter months may mean that you have to deal with snow. And since weather is so unpredictable, you should be sure to prepare for a little snow. Supply guests with blankets, mittens, and hats in case they didn’t bring their own. You could even add a few space heaters around the venue to keep the warm air flowing. You will also want to be sure to shovel an easily accessible path for those who can’t trudge through the snow. Create a path in the snow to all the important places, including the bathroom. Another precaution you should take is to make surfaces less slippery. You don’t want your mom or grandma slipping on icy stairs. Throw some salt down, or make sure you have a plan ready for the ice.


Your outdoor wedding may not have the convenience of electricity, meaning you will have to think about lighting. Rope lights, path lights, flood lights, and other decorative lighting can help light up your wedding and add a charming touch to the reception. As the sun begins to go down, you won’t want your guests partying in the dark. Plan ahead and get lights ready for the late night celebration.

Placing individual lamps or candles on the reception tables is a great way to add decoration, style, and lighting to each table. These lights can double as beautiful centerpieces that also provide light to your guests. Perfect for killing two birds with one stone!

Outdoor wedding can be beautiful but the sun most likely your only source of light, so plan accordingly and make sure you provide plenty of light for you and your guests.


You probably have made sure that the sound for the music and speeches at your reception is loud enough for everyone to hear, but have you prepared the sound for when you say “I do”? This is an important part of the wedding and your family members will want to hear your beautifully written vows. But an outdoor wedding can make it difficult to hear, especially if the ceremony is near water or if the wind picks up. Rent some speakers and microphones to use during your ceremony so that no one misses this special moment.


While wind may fall in the weather category, it can be present throughout the entire year. We have all dealt with wind at an outdoor party—holding down place settings, chasing napkins across the grass, and picking up spilled drinks can all be results of the wind. Most people don’t like wind. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with it at your wedding, so prepare with sturdy place settings, heavier chairs, and paperweights for napkins and other paper items. In case of wind, you will also want to be careful of torches and candles. A fire on your wedding day is the last thing you want happening. If the wind picks up, be sure you take care of any open flames around your ceremony.

Bug Proof

Bugs can also become a problem. With such delicious smelling foods, an abundance of flowers, and desserts galore, bugs will be attracted to the location of your wedding. Plus, bugs during the summer are generally bad as it is. Make sure you don’t let them bother your guests too badly. Citronella torches can help to keep away some bugs like mosquitoes, but to keep others away you may need to take other measures. Use bug spray around the perimeter of your venue a day before the wedding, allowing chemicals to dissipate a bit. You can also set up fly traps around the outside of your venue, this will hopefully help keep the number of bugs joining your wedding minimal. Unfortunately, having an outdoor wedding will likely result in a few bugs. To avoid bugs altogether, have a wedding in the winter, or indoors.


Outdoor weddings may be tough for some guests. Seasonal allergies can cause them to sneeze, have itchy eyes, and may be miserable for them. While you would expect allergy sufferers to take their allergy medication before heading to your wedding, they may have forgotten or may not experience allergy symptom all the time. Help your guest enjoy your big day by providing allergy medications, eye drops, and even nasal spray. Have it on hand in case anyone needs it. This can allow everyone to have a better time at the wedding and focus on having fun rather than getting relief.

These are some of the most important things you need to think about when planning for your outdoor wedding. You have to be more prepared than you may have thought because anything could happen during your outdoor celebration. Overplanning and preparing will help to ensure that you don’t leave anything out and that you and your guests have a great time. You want your wedding to be perfect, and these tips can help to get it closer to perfect. Bohemia River Overlook can also help! Our outdoor wedding venue offers three locations, perfect for every type of bride and we can help you plan for anything and everything. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour. An outdoor wedding is special, especially at Bohemia River Overlook, just make sure you plan for everything and make the proper preparations.

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, with beautiful sceneries and backdrops to add to your already gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene with what you love. Mountain weddings, beach weddings, and even backyard weddings have made their way onto the list of venues, and we are loving it.