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The only thing we overlook is the Chesapeake Bay


Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

The world of weddings is always changing and in the past few years we have seen changes that are dramatic and brilliant. Couples are stepping away from the traditional wedding and planning ceremonies and receptions that are catered more toward what they like and their personal style. Boho weddings, country weddings, simple weddings, and themed weddings have become popular. While we have seen weddings like this for a couple of years, they are becoming better each year.

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Preparation Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, with beautiful sceneries and backdrops to add to your already gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene with what you love. Mountain weddings, beach weddings, and even backyard weddings have made their way onto the list of venues, and we are loving it.

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The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how to bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. Will the bride may be the main planner throughout the wedding, the groom must help as well.

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Ways to Plan a Unique Wedding

Your wedding is a special time in your life. It is the event that leads to a partnership that will last the rest of your life. This is probably why weddings are so important to many people. It is a celebration of love and a union of two families. Wedding are a celebration, not just an event. This is why people go above and beyond with planning the perfect wedding. People want a unique ceremony, something that stands out from every other wedding.

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How To Destress Before Your Wedding

Preparing for your wedding day is a lot of work and planning. You have to make an endless amount of decisions, from the date to the type of floors. Making a guest list and finalizing that list is a tough enough task as is, but add that to the hundreds of other things you have to do to plan the perfect wedding. And of course, you want your wedding to be perfect, which is why so much planning goes into this single day. You want to create the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Day Good Luck and Bad Luck

You want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, but not everything will, and that is something you should accept now. Be prepared for mishaps and mistakes, and remember you can’t do anything about it. While this may not be the news you were hoping for, it may make you feel better knowing some things that go wrong, are actually viewed as good luck.

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The Importance of a Hair And Makeup Trial

There are many things you need to do to plan your wedding, we covered some of the most important things in our Planning Your Wedding blogs, part one and part two. But even after you have planned more of your wedding, there is still a ton of planning that needs to be done to complete the perfect bridal look. You (and your significant other) are the center of attention, meaning you want your look to be absolutely flawless.

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Planning Your Wedding- Part 1

Congratulations! You have recently gotten engaged and now it is time to put in months of wedding planning. Yes, months. Weddings are an important day, and most people want them to be as special as possible, with every last detail planned out perfectly—which will take months to do. From the date to the vendors, you will have to plan out more than you probably imagined, which can become stressful.

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