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Preparation Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, with beautiful sceneries and backdrops to add to your already gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene with what you love. Mountain weddings, beach weddings, and even backyard weddings have made their way onto the list of venues, and we are loving it.

But there are many things you need to think about when planning an outdoor wedding. They are not just the typical wedding and you have to worry about weather, lighting, shade, and even bugs. While an outdoor wedding may be just what you are looking for, there are a few extra plans that you need to make to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Planning your outdoor wedding can get complicated, especially depending on when you plan it. But when you pick Bohemia River Overlook as your venue, you will have an easier time planning. Our multiple locations and wedding packages making planning your perfect wedding easier. We will also provide you with a list of our favorite vendors, helping you to find the perfect vendors for your wedding.

There are certain things you can have ready and prepared that will help make your outdoor wedding even more exciting and special. In this blog, we will give you some tips to planning the perfect outdoor wedding.


Weather is an important factor to consider when planning your outdoor wedding. And when we say weather, we mean weather. Sun, rain, snow, and any other that weather you can think of, you should plan for.

The heat may be too intense, so providing plenty of shade for your wedding can provide more comfort for your guests. Whether you provide hats or fans, you need to be sure that your guests aren’t sweltering in the heat. But even shade won’t make the most miserably hot day better. Be sure that you have ice cold bottles of water at the ready for your guests to cool down with throughout the ceremony and reception.

Rain is another thing you have to worry about. While a drizzle is meant to be good luck on a wedding day, you don’t want your guests or the wedding party getting soaked. Preparing for the rain can help to make your outdoor celebration better for everyone. Have umbrellas ready and available for your guests, as well as tents around the reception area. Keeping your guests dry and warm can help them enjoy your big day more.

Planning your wedding during the winter months may mean that you have to deal with snow. And since weather is so unpredictable, you should be sure to prepare for a little snow. Supply guests with blankets, mittens, and hats in case they didn’t bring their own. You could even add a few space heaters around the venue to keep the warm air flowing. You will also want to be sure to shovel an easily accessible path for those who can’t trudge through the snow. Create a path in the snow to all the important places, including the bathroom. Another precaution you should take is to make surfaces less slippery. You don’t want your mom or grandma slipping on icy stairs. Throw some salt down, or make sure you have a plan ready for the ice.


Your outdoor wedding may not have the convenience of electricity, meaning you will have to think about lighting. Rope lights, path lights, flood lights, and other decorative lighting can help light up your wedding and add a charming touch to the reception. As the sun begins to go down, you won’t want your guests partying in the dark. Plan ahead and get lights ready for the late night celebration.

Placing individual lamps or candles on the reception tables is a great way to add decoration, style, and lighting to each table. These lights can double as beautiful centerpieces that also provide light to your guests. Perfect for killing two birds with one stone!

Outdoor wedding can be beautiful but the sun most likely your only source of light, so plan accordingly and make sure you provide plenty of light for you and your guests.


You probably have made sure that the sound for the music and speeches at your reception is loud enough for everyone to hear, but have you prepared the sound for when you say “I do”? This is an important part of the wedding and your family members will want to hear your beautifully written vows. But an outdoor wedding can make it difficult to hear, especially if the ceremony is near water or if the wind picks up. Rent some speakers and microphones to use during your ceremony so that no one misses this special moment.


While wind may fall in the weather category, it can be present throughout the entire year. We have all dealt with wind at an outdoor party—holding down place settings, chasing napkins across the grass, and picking up spilled drinks can all be results of the wind. Most people don’t like wind. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with it at your wedding, so prepare with sturdy place settings, heavier chairs, and paperweights for napkins and other paper items. In case of wind, you will also want to be careful of torches and candles. A fire on your wedding day is the last thing you want happening. If the wind picks up, be sure you take care of any open flames around your ceremony.

Bug Proof

Bugs can also become a problem. With such delicious smelling foods, an abundance of flowers, and desserts galore, bugs will be attracted to the location of your wedding. Plus, bugs during the summer are generally bad as it is. Make sure you don’t let them bother your guests too badly. Citronella torches can help to keep away some bugs like mosquitoes, but to keep others away you may need to take other measures. Use bug spray around the perimeter of your venue a day before the wedding, allowing chemicals to dissipate a bit. You can also set up fly traps around the outside of your venue, this will hopefully help keep the number of bugs joining your wedding minimal. Unfortunately, having an outdoor wedding will likely result in a few bugs. To avoid bugs altogether, have a wedding in the winter, or indoors.


Outdoor weddings may be tough for some guests. Seasonal allergies can cause them to sneeze, have itchy eyes, and may be miserable for them. While you would expect allergy sufferers to take their allergy medication before heading to your wedding, they may have forgotten or may not experience allergy symptom all the time. Help your guest enjoy your big day by providing allergy medications, eye drops, and even nasal spray. Have it on hand in case anyone needs it. This can allow everyone to have a better time at the wedding and focus on having fun rather than getting relief.

These are some of the most important things you need to think about when planning for your outdoor wedding. You have to be more prepared than you may have thought because anything could happen during your outdoor celebration. Overplanning and preparing will help to ensure that you don’t leave anything out and that you and your guests have a great time. You want your wedding to be perfect, and these tips can help to get it closer to perfect. Bohemia River Overlook can also help! Our outdoor wedding venue offers three locations, perfect for every type of bride and we can help you plan for anything and everything. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour. An outdoor wedding is special, especially at Bohemia River Overlook, just make sure you plan for everything and make the proper preparations.

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, with beautiful sceneries and backdrops to add to your already gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene with what you love. Mountain weddings, beach weddings, and even backyard weddings have made their way onto the list of venues, and we are loving it.

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The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how to bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. Will the bride may be the main planner throughout the wedding, the groom must help as well.

As your wedding day draws closer and the plan begin to finalize, you better make sure you are pulling you weight! If you leave your soon-to-be wife alone to make all of the plans, she will drive herself crazy, be overly stressed out, and she might even start to hate you. Now you don’t want that, do you? You want to show her that you can be there during stressful moments and work with her to create something wonderful and beautiful. While she may still be making all of the decisions, it is important for your to be there, helping her whenever she needs it, allowing her to destress, and pulling your weight.

Planning a wedding is hard work, and since most men have not been planning their dream wedding since they were 12, it is most likely harder for the grooms. But you must help, trust us when we say that, even if it is as simple and licking the envelopes and picking the cake flavor. Your lady will appreciate the effort and notice all the help you are providing.

But what should you do? How should you help and how can you help in the best ways possible? In this blog, we will give your some tips, creating the groom’s guide to wedding planning. Read on to get help before the big day!

Let’s start with the basics. After getting down on one knee and spilling your heart to the love of your life, the wedding planning will begin before you can even get back on your feet. Start as simple as possible and work your way down the list, it will help you and her see what is getting done and what needs to be done. The list might look long, but once you get started on the easy items, you can cross them out and make the list more manageable.

The Date

The date is not really important, unless you want the day you get married to have some special significance, such as your first kiss or the first day you met. If the date does not really matter to either of you, simply decide the date based on the type of weather you want during your wedding. Obviously you can’t plan for the weather but a summer wedding will most likely ensure you are getting married on a nice and warm day—winter weddings, not so much. Pick a day and have it set. Or at least pick the month, the actual date may have to wait until after the venue is selected, based on their availabilities.

The Venue

Yes, a backyard wedding would be easier, but you have had three birthday parties, a graduation party, and an engagement party in that backyard. Pick something special and different for your wedding. Your soon-to-be wife is most likely going to want a venue that is gorgeous, unique, and something other than your backyard. A great place to start looking for venues is Bohemia River Overlook in Maryland. Our venue offers three different locations on the property, allowing for you and your lady (mostly her) to pick the perfect look and feel you want for your wedding.

If she wants a wedding that is extravagant, romantic, and takes on the feel of a fairytale, the manoris a great location to check out. The waterfront views, formal garden, along with the reflective pool and fountain give this location a charming and elegant feel. This is a great location for a wedding that has a little bit of everything.

The beach location at our venue and vineyard is perfect for a more relaxed but extremely romantic wedding setting. With a private beach, beautiful pier, and a calming water backdrop, this is an ideal location for the beach lovers. The secluded area creates a wedding space that is intimate and gorgeous.

If you are looking for something a little more unique and laid back, the barn location may be the one. The bold read barn make for a beautiful backdrop, perfect for the country chic wedding. If you don’t know what country chic is, you can ask your soon-to-be wife. This is a great space for a unique and fun wedding. The barn can help create the charming but relaxed celebration that your fiancée has been dreaming of.

No matter which location you choose at Bohemia River Overlook, you can’t go wrong. We also offer wedding packages, which include the venue for six hours, tables, chairs, and linens, flatware and glassware, a specialty bar, and so much more! You will receive a list of our favorite vendors, which can help you decide everything from the music to photo booths. This can help make your wedding planning much easier.

Whatever you and your lady are wanting for your wedding venue, Bohemia River Overlook can help you find the perfect location and package!

Guest List

Don’t just hand your soon-to-be wife a list of your closest friends and family members that you want at your wedding. Sit down and help her plan out the guest list. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be invited and get hard to choose who makes the list and who does not. Leaving this task for your financée to do be herself is a cruel thing to do. She won’t be able to invite some of her cousins and not others, she will need help deciding with friends make the cut, and which she should expect to not show up. This is a task you both need to do together. Sit down and talk it out, making and finalizing a list will be hard, but when you do it together she will be relieved and you can both decide who makes the list.

Take Care of the Groom Stuff

Make sure you are taking care of your own stuff through the wedding planning. Don’t wait for your fiancée to tell you what to do or decide things for you. Take matters into your own hands, at least when it comes to the groom’s to-to list.

Pick out your groomsmen carefully. While it is just fine to invite all of your rowdy buddies to stand by your side on your wedding day, make sure your best man is not the rowdiest of them all. Remember, he will most likely have to give a speech and you don’t want your brand new wife holding a grudge because your best man made an inappropriate speech. Pick your best man carefully and make sure you invite the brothers to be your groomsmen, both your brothers and hers.

Get your tux taken care of without your fiancée reminding you several times. It will just cause her more stress. Make sure you get it fitted way before the wedding so that it is done in time, and make sure you get something she will like. Don’t go overly colorful or unique, unless of course that is the plan that you both have decided on. Ask your soon-to-be wife what the color scheme is going to be and plan accordingly. It is okay to add touches of color if they match the colors picked. You will also want to make sure your groomsmen have matching tuxes as well.

Writing your vows is another task that the groom must take care of. This is a great way to express your love for your lady, just spill your heart out onto that paper and read it during the ceremony. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, this can actually be more difficult than writing college essays. You have to explain your love for someone else, in front of family and friends. Writer’s block tends to kick in when writing vows, but here are a few tips to make it easier: write simply, do not try getting overly creative or romantic, make it personal, speak honestly, and say what you feel. You don’t want to go over the top with a Shakespearean love sonnet. Remember that she knows you better than most people, she will know if you are trying too hard to sound romantic or is you actually mean what you say.

Show Her Love

While there are many more wedding plans to make and help your fiancée with, we will start with the simple tasks as well as one of the most important things to do during wedding planning—loving your lady. She will be stressed, nervous, anxious, and everything else, all while feeling overwhelmingly happy and in love. She will need you there to make sure she doesn’t lose her mind trying to pick a wedding cake flavor. Show her love, spend time with her without making a single wedding plan, and help her remember why she is planning such an intricate party. Being there for her and helping her with whatever she needs is one of the most important things you can do. After all, this is now a partnership, pull your weight, help her plan, and make sure to never stop loving her throughout the planning process.

This is a simple and quick grooms guide. In a future blog, we will give you more tips and tricks to planning your wedding. Start with the simple decisions and keep moving forward from there, it will help. Being part of the planning process is important and will allow you and your fiancée to work through the problems together, as you should. Start by contacting Bohemia River Overlook to schedule a visit to see our venue and our beautiful locations and learn more about our packages.

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how to bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. Will the bride may be the main planner throughout the wedding, the groom must help as well.

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How To Destress Before Your Wedding

Preparing for your wedding day is a lot of work and planning. You have to make an endless amount of decisions, from the date to the type of floors. Making a guest list and finalizing that list is a tough enough task as is, but add that to the hundreds of other things you have to do to plan the perfect wedding. And of course, you want your wedding to be perfect, which is why so much planning goes into this single day. You want to create the wedding of your dreams.

When you plan your wedding you have to do more than simply figure out the guest list, the menu, the venue, the vendors, the date, the dress, and the wedding party. Wedding planning involves every detail—the flower arrangements, the centerpieces, the type of cake and its design, and you have to plan the honeymoon on top of everything else. For more tips on how to plan your wedding, read our part one and part two wedding planning blogs!

While there is a ton of planning and stress that goes into a wedding, it is still going to be one of the most special days of your life. And that is what you have to remember. In the end, it will all be worth it. All the hectic planning and stressing, leads up to a special day and a wonderful moment that you are sure to remember forever.

One thing that can make your wedding planning easier and less stressful is planning your wedding with Bohemia River Overlook. Our venue and vineyard is great place for an outdoor wedding, with three different wedding locations at our venue and packages that make planning easier. Our venue locations can help you find the perfect place for your wedding, especially for getting the look and feel you want on your big day. Enjoy a rustic and relaxed wedding at our barn location. Plan the fancy and sophisticated fairytale wedding you have always dreamed of at the manor location. Or say “I do” on the beach with our waterfront location.

You can pick the perfect location for your big day and enjoy the benefits of our wedding packages when you plan your wedding with Bohemia River Overlook. We can help you with the setup and give you the list of our favorite vendors. Our packages can take a lot of stress off of your plate.

Even though the months of planning may be worth it in the end, you also want to make sure you are taking care of yourself during this time and especially right before your wedding day. Our wedding packages can help reduce the amount of stress you face as your wedding draws closer, but you will still, most likely, be stressed.

We all know that stress is harmful to our bodies, our minds, and our overall health. So, as your wedding day draws closer, it is important that you are allowing yourself to relax, destress, and stay positive. It is easier said than done, we know, but it is also important. You want to enjoy this big day, the day you spent months planning for, as well as the honeymoon.

In this blog, we are going to go over some tips to destress, relax, and enjoy the week leading up to your wedding.

Pamper Yourself

Whether you head to the spa or have a personal spa day at home, a day relaxing and being pampered can help to relieve stress and allow you to clear your mind. Head to the spa and spoil yourself with a spa package. Get a massage, a facial, and a mani-pedi (perfect just before your wedding). Spend a day getting pampered and try as hard as you can not to think about your wedding or anything you have to do for it.

If you choose to do a DIY spa day, you won’t even have to get out of your pjs! Take a nice, hot bath with bubbles and try the bath bomb you have been waiting to test out. Light some candles, put on your favorite slow music, and read a book. Make a DIY face mask, paint your finger and toe nails, and spend the day curled up on the couch with a cozy blanket and your favorite movie on! Whether you do a spa day at home or at the spa, you should be able to relax and destress. Schedule a day to pamper yourself—you won’t regret it.

Hit The Gym

Yes, we know. This does not sound like a fun activity to do to destress, but it can help reduce your stress a lot. Working out releases endorphins, making you feel happier and reducing stress. Exercise can help you feel better physically and emotionally. If you are feeling overwhelmed with wedding plans, go for a run with music. Your mind will begin to wander, allowing you to clear your mind of wedding worries and enjoy a nice run.

Do Something You Love

A spa day might be something you love, but how often do you pamper yourself like that? Do something that you love, something that you generally make time for throughout the week. Can’t think of anything? Think about what you do when you have the house to yourself? Do you binge watch New Girl? Do you read your favorite book? Perhaps you drink a little wine and have a dance party by yourself. Whatever it is, make sure you schedule some time for yourself to do these things. They will help bring you back to your life and stop worrying so much about your wedding. Doing something that you love can help you feel less stressed and help you clear your mind a bit.

Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is important if you want to be healthy and happy. And sleeping well the week before your wedding can make the entire experience much more enjoyable. Make sure you get plenty of deep sleep the week before your wedding (especially the night before). Working out during the day will help you sleep better at night. If you have trouble sleeping, especially with wedding worries on your mind, try some sleeping aids. Drink some night time tea, take some melatonin, or try other sleep aids. Read a book rather than using your phone. It is important to sleep well any day of the year, but you want to be awake and alter on your wedding day, so be sure you get the right amount of sleep. Sleeping well can also help you feel better and reduce stress, so don’t stay up late trying to figure out if you missed any small wedding details.

Write It Down

For some people, writing down their thought and worries can help them clear their minds. Write down your feelings, emotions, what you are thinking, what your worries are, and anything else that you can’t stop thinking about. Write it all down and then try not to think about it anymore. This can help you get it out in the open without having to call your busy friend to vent to her. Don’t bottle up your emotions, you may explode one day and have a breakdown, which is never fun, but especially not before your wedding.

Spend Time With Your Fiance

This is a hectic time full of stress, planning, and running around trying to get everything done in time for your big day. In all the chaos, it is easy to forget the point of it all. Why are you doing all this planning? Why is this so important? The answer is because you found the love of your life and you will be marrying them in a few days. Don’t forget that. Make sure you set aside some time to spend with your fiance. Reconnecting, spending some quality time together, enjoying a night out, and just enjoying each other company can help you to remember what it is all about. Go on a romantic date, and have fun making dinner together and watching a movie. Whatever you do, try to not think about the worrying parts of the wedding and just enjoy the fact that you will be married soon. Talk to each other about your nerves. It will help knowing how nervous each of you are and help calm those nerves. You could even kill two birds with one stone and go to the spa with your fiance! Enjoy a couples massage and spa time, spend time with the love of your life while also being pampered and relaxing.

Relaxing, destressing, and enjoying the week before your wedding can help you to enjoy your wedding even more. Trust us, you won’t be worrying about your bridesmaids shoe choice as you are walking down the aisle, so why worry about that the entire week leading up to the big day? Try these tips, they may just help reduce your stress and help you enjoy the week more.

And don’t forget to let Bohemia River Overlook help with your wedding. Our three locations make our venue perfect for any bride and wedding style. Take a virtual tour to get a taste of what we have to offer and learn more about the manor, the barn, and the beach. You are sure to fall in love with one of these beautiful locations. Be sure to also check out our wedding packages and learn more about what they offer. These packages can help reduce the amount of planning and stress you and your fiancé face. At Bohemia River Overlook, we work hard to help you create your dream wedding. Reduce your wedding stress with these tips and help from our beautiful venue. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour!

Preparing for your wedding day is a lot of work and planning. You have to make an endless amount of decisions, from the date to the type of floors. Making a guest list and finalizing that list is a tough enough task as is, but add that to the hundreds of other things you have to do to plan the perfect wedding. And of course, you want your wedding to be perfect, which is why so much planning goes into this single day. You want to create the wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Day Good Luck and Bad Luck

You want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, but not everything will, and that is something you should accept now. Be prepared for mishaps and mistakes, and remember you can’t do anything about it. While this may not be the news you were hoping for, it may make you feel better knowing some things that go wrong, are actually viewed as good luck.

There are many different superstitions and weird traditions that can be found in weddings. Do you know the history of the wedding garter? It has a weird back story, and we are certainly glad that tradition didn’t carry on for too long. But today we are talking about good luck and back luck. Hopefully these wacky superstitions will help you to realize that the flaws that may occur during your wedding are in fact good luck!

One common superstition that you may have to worry about if you are having an outdoor wedding is rain. But when you have your wedding at Bohemia River Overlook, you can relax, knowing that a little rain won’t ruin the beautiful and one-of-a-kind wedding you will have at our venue! With three different locations to choose from, you can find the perfect wedding destination for you, rain or shine.

In this blog, we are going to go over some of the wedding superstitions that are said to be good and bad luck.

Good Luck

Since we already mentioned rain, we will start with that one. While a drizzle on your wedding day may seem like no good could come from it, it is viewed as good luck. According to The Pink Bride, there are many different reasons why rain is good luck. It symbolizes many different things, including:

  • Fertility
  • Cleansing
  • Unity
  • Renewal
  • Tears

Rain is good luck because it signifies that you will have children, be cleansed of the sadness and tough times from your past, and be given a new chapter in your life. It also symbolizes that your marriage will last, something that we all hope for. The strangest thing that rain symbolizes is tears, and while many people may view this as a bad thing, it means something different than what you may be thinking. Rain on your wedding day symbolizes the last tears that the bride will shed for the rest of her life. Even though that may be hard to believe, it is good knowing that tears and rain can be a good thing on your wedding day! A bride crying on her wedding day is supposed to symbolize the same thing, so whether the rain is representing tears or you are actually crying, it is good luck and symbolizes that you will not shed any more tears during your marriage.

But there are some other strange superstitions for things that are good luck during your wedding. You can find an entire list of superstitions and other traditions from The Knot, but we are going to pick a few of our favorites!

Let’s start with something you hate—spiders. Spiders are, in fact, good luck when it comes to finding one on your wedding dress. According to Hudson Valley Magazine, this is an old English folklore, which said that finding a spider on your dress was a good omen, so don’t freak out if you find one of those creepy-crawlies on your wedding dress on your wedding day, they are just giving you some good luck.

Sugar is sweet, but it is even sweeter when it comes to your wedding and union. According to Greek culture, sticking a sugar cube in your glove (if you are wearing gloves) will help to sweeten your union. But the ancient Greeks, along with the Romans, also believed that the veil would protect brides from evil spirits, so who knows what to believe. But did you know that the original veils were red and thick. This was to fool the evil spirits into thinking that the bride was on fire. Even though we have slowly left that tradition behind, veils are still a key piece of the bride’s attire.

There are other strange traditions that are meant to be good luck. Things like Egyptian women would pinch the bride, Moroccan women bathing in a milk bath, and planting a pine tree outside of the newlyweds home in Holland all are viewed as good luck. While these superstitions seem to be different in every culture, there are strange beliefs all around the world.

Bad Luck

Hopefully some of those odd superstitions and traditions made you feel better about that mishaps that may happen on your wedding day, but what about the bad luck. Just like the things that represent good luck, the bad luck things are interesting and strange.

Let’s start with rain again. Rain, while rarely is thought to be bad luck, again symbolizes tears. But very few sources believe that the tear symbol is a bad one, but the ones that say rain is bad luck claim it is because it represents the number of tears the bride will shed during her marriage. This may be a little white lie that someone came up with to change the way rain is viewed during a wedding, so we are going to pretend it is fake and go with the good luck symbols listed above!

Receiving knives as a wedding gift is bad luck. So even though you may need knives, don’t register for them! According to CNN, a knife given to you on your wedding day signified a broken relationship and is bad luck. The article mentions that if you do receive knives as a gift, just give the gifter a penny. This turns the gift into a purchase.

Another strange superstition involves nuns and monks. If you happen to see a nun or monk on the way to your wedding, you might as well turn around! Just kidding, but this is supposed to put a curse on you, a curse that makes you dependent on charity for the rest of your life.

Getting married on a Saturday may seem like a good idea, since most of your friends and family won’t have to work. But Saturday is actually the unluckiest day for a wedding. But it is also the most popular day of the week to get married. The best day to get married is supposed to be Wednesday. If you are looking for wealth get married on Monday, and Tuesday for health.

There are many different traditions and superstitions that are involved in weddings. Whether you believe them or not, you are sure to run into a few accidents on your wedding day. Even though every bride wants this day to go perfectly, it is unlikely that it will. But knowing these little superstitions can hopefully help you find comfort in a downpour on your wedding day.

If you want your wedding to go as smoothly as possible and only worry about rain or a spider showing up on your big day, let Bohemia River Overlook help. We offer three different locations at our venue, allowing you to find the perfect setting to say “I do”. But we also offer wedding packages, helping you get the best vendors, caterers, and so much more! Learn about our locations and packages, and start planning your wedding today, just make sure you don’t plan it on a Saturday. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

You want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, but not everything will, and that is something you should accept now. Be prepared for mishaps and mistakes, and remember you can’t do anything about it. While this may not be the news you were hoping for, it may make you feel better knowing some things that go wrong, are actually viewed as good luck.

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Planning Your Wedding- Part 1

Congratulations! You have recently gotten engaged and now it is time to put in months of wedding planning. Yes, months. Weddings are an important day, and most people want them to be as special as possible, with every last detail planned out perfectly—which will take months to do. From the date to the vendors, you will have to plan out more than you probably imagined, which can become stressful.

Hiring a wedding planner may be a good choice for some, but for those who want to plan it on their own, there are many resources that can help make this daunting task easier. Checklists, friends who have recently been married, and sometimes even the venue you choose can help you make all the final decisions.

Some of the first things you need to do involve other people. Start by telling people about your engagement, it is probably a good idea to start with your parents and other close family members. Once you tell your family, go ahead and let the rest of the world know, whether you post it on social media or take the old fashioned route and create an engagement announcement for the local newspaper. Now you need to start planning for the actual event.

Think about who is going to be in the wedding, who you will invite to the wedding, and when you want the wedding to be. Do you want a winter wedding? Or a beautiful spring wedding? Do you want it indoor or outdoor? Depending on when your wedding is, if you want it indoors or outdoors, and the amount of people you are expecting, you will need to start finding the perfect venue.

If you are looking for an outdoor venue that offers beautiful backdrops, amazing setups, and a few great options, look no further! At Bohemia River Overlook, you can find the perfect venue for you and your wedding. With three different locations to choose from at our venue, you can find the one that fits your style and needs perfectly.

What We Offer

Enjoy your special day with a waterfront view, a majestic pier, and a private beach by having your wedding at the beach location. Have your elegant, fairytale wedding accented with a formal garden, reflective pool, and a fountain at the manor location. Or go for the rustic and charming feel with a country chic themed wedding at the barn location. Because Bohemia River Overlook offers three different locations to host your wedding, you will be able to choose the one that matches your vision while enjoying everything else that we have to offer.

Bohemia River Overlook also offers wedding packages which include access to the vineyard for photographs and golf cart to bring the couple around the venue, linens for the tables provided by the venue, specialty bar, dinner napkins, a list of vendors, and caterers.

Now that you have the venue and catering out of the way, you are a few steps closer to completely planning your wedding! But that does not mean you are almost done. Like we said before, wedding planning takes months, and creating your dream wedding will require extra work and some additional planning. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that need to be done in the planning process.

By now you have hopefully figured out a timeline and budget for your wedding, but if not, that is the next thing you should do. Setting a time limit and a budget can help make planning go smoother, helping you make decisions quickly and not waste money on things you may not need. After these are set, you can start planning for the fun stuff!


While Bohemia River Overlook will provide you with a list of vendors when you select one of our wedding packages, you may want to use some of your own, perhaps that helped with your friend’s or sister’s wedding. If this is the case, make sure you have all the vendors checked off your list!

Photographer and Videographer

Having memories of your wedding is important, but you may be too busy during your wedding to take it all in. Photographs and videos can be a great way to keep those memories forever and see how your wedding actually went. Candid shots of your guests dancing, videos of the speeches given, and intimate photos of the newlyweds are an extremely special part of the wedding, so don’t forget to find the best photographer early.

Flowers and Decor

The flowers and your decorations can really change the feel of your wedding. You will want to make sure they fit your theme, color scheme, and budget. Flowers are a great way to add simple decorations around your venue, make excellent center pieces, and should match your bouquet. No matter what you choose for your flowers and decor, a vendor can help you create your entire venue style and help you stay on budget.


To many people, dancing is the best part of the wedding—that means you want to have a musician or DJ that will keep the dance floor full all night long. Whether you hire a friend who you know is talented or you hunt down the musician you think will best fit your wedding style, finding the right musical talent is important to keeping the wedding fun!

Dress Shopping

Your wedding dress is obviously one of the most important parts of the wedding, you have probably been dreaming about it for years and have the perfect one designed in your head. Erase those imaginary designs. You dream wedding dress may not even exist and if it does, it may be well out of your budget.

Start fresh. Think about what you want, what your wedding theme is, what time of year you are getting married, and other factors that will determine the style of dress. Try on a ton of different dresses to make sure you like a certain style. You may not have ever imagined yourself in an extravagant ball gown, but that may be just the dress you find yourself loving. Picking your dress shouldn’t be stressful, and if you start early, you will have time to make sure you select the right one.

You will also need to go dress shopping for your bridesmaids. Again, think about the color scheme to make the dress selections easier. Then think about whether you want them to all wear the same style or have the same color in many different styles. Bridesmaids dresses can be fun, so don’t obsess over the sophisticated and formal look. Have them try on a few and pick your favorite.

Send Out Invitations

After finalizing a guest list, send out invitations. Make sure you guest list does not exceed the amount of people that can fit at the venue you chose. Send out your invitations a few months in advance so that your guests have time to check their schedules, confirm they are coming, and send you back their RSVP. Once you have a final list of the guests who are attending, you can continue making plans and arranging for the amount of people who will be attending.

Continue Planning

While these are only a few of the many things that must be done to plan your wedding, we will let you take a break! Our next blog will continue with the wedding planning checklist and make sure you get everything done in time. Start out with the easy things that don’t require a ton of planning, and start thinking about what your wedding will look like. But remember, before you start planning anything, set a budget that you stick to! To find a full wedding planning checklist, click here!

At Bohemia River Overlook, we can help you create the perfect wedding. Choose one of our beautiful venues, select a wedding package, and review a list of vendors. To start your wedding planning, contact us today, we can help you create the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Congratulations! You have recently gotten engaged and now it is time to put in months of wedding planning. Yes, months. Weddings are an important day, and most people want them to be as special as possible, with every last detail planned out perfectly—which will take months to do. From the date to the vendors, you will have to plan out more than you probably imagined, which can become stressful.

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