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About Our Venue

When you picture the perfect wedding venue, do you think about an open space surrounded by water? Do you picture a rustic barn with a country chic setting? Or maybe you picture a little bit of everything— with a waterfront view, a formal garden, an elegant fountain, and a beautiful house.

Your wedding venues are important and finding the perfect location to say “I do” can make your special day something to remember. You can choose a venue that represents you and your significant other, the theme of your wedding, or just a location that is simply beautiful.

You can find three gorgeous and unique venues all in one place! At Bohemia River Overlook, our venue and vineyard is home to three beautiful locations for your perfect wedding. Our large venue can offer amazing views and incredible backdrops to your wedding, giving your ceremony a special touch.

Our venue is different than most because there are three different locations to choose from. You can find the locations that best fit your style and wedding needs, allowing your celebration to go perfectly. To take a closer look at these different locations take a virtual tour!

The Beach

If you have always dreamed of a wedding surrounded by water, but the thought of walking through sand with your elegant wedding dress turns the dream into a nightmare, then this is the perfect location for you. Our beach location offers the look and feel of a beach wedding, but without all of the sand.

With views of the Elk River and the Bohemia River, you will be able to enjoy gorgeous waterfront views throughout the entire celebration. The pier next to the beach location offers the perfect spot for beautiful photo opportunities. Even though you will not be walking down the aisle in sand, you will have a private beach that outlines the edge of the river, another beautiful photograph location. The beach house and white tents are decorated with twinkling lights to create the perfect ambiance for your romantic and special evening.

The beach is an intimate and beautiful location for a small and charming wedding.

The Manor

For an elegant and sophisticated wedding setting, the manor is a great location. This location at our venue is gorgeous and the perfect spot to have your fairytale wedding take place. The property has a beautiful view of the river, is surrounded in trees, and offers many different features that make this location extra special.

The reflective pool and fountain add a lovely touch to your wedding setting. The reflective pool can be decorated to add to your wedding theme and creating a unique touch of beauty. The reception is held on a tended veranda that is decorated to give your wedding that fairytale feel you dream of. This is a beautiful location that offers a little bit of everything. If you are hoping for a classy and gorgeous wedding day, this is the perfect location for you.

The Barn

The barn is the ideal location for a relaxed, fun, and rustic wedding. If your wedding dreams revolve around a fun location that offers beautiful views and a laid back feel, this may be the best location for you. The barn alone offers a beautiful backdrop to your wedding, with the traditional red walls and green roof, the colors will add give your wedding a fun and unique touch.

This location offers a country chic theme to your wedding day celebration. The simple but beautiful venue location can set the mood for your wedding and allow people to have fun and enjoy the one-of-a-kind location.

If your dream wedding is one that is fun and unique, this is a great location. You can enjoy beautiful views and a relaxed feel at the barn location at Bohemia River Overlook.

These are all amazing and beautiful locations for your wedding—with breathtaking views, unique styles, and different features to offer. We are sure you will love them all! The biggest problem will be picking your favorite location.

But our location is not the only thing that we offer at Bohemia River Overlook. Our venue is much more than just a beautiful location for your wedding. One thing that makes Bohemia River Overlook different is that we offer wedding packages, helping to make your wedding planning easier for you. With vendors we trust, we can help you find everything you need to make your wedding perfect.


We offer two different packages—Bohemia River Overlook Wedding Package and “Boho Chic” Wedding Package. These packages are meant to help make your wedding plan easier, allowing you to destress before your big day and helping you find the perfect vendors that can make your wedding day magical. Though there are slight differences between these two packages, they both offer a few things:

  • Access to the vineyard for photos and a golf cart to bring the couple around the property
  • Linens for venue-provided tables
  • Dinner napkins in your choice of color
  • Specialty bar
  • ROUGE Fine Catering
  • List of vendors

The “Boho Chic” package is the more elite package and offers more options to choose from. But the Bohemia River Overlook package allows for add-ons as well, so you can alter the package to make it perfect for your wedding day. These packages are a great way to make wedding planning easy and get everything you need from vendors that we trust.

Exclusive Catering

Our packages offer catering from one of Maryland’s top catering companies, ROUGE Fine Catering. We work with ROUGE because they offer a wonderful gourmet menu that can make your reception dinner one to remember. ROUGE offers food options you would find at a four-star restaurant at your wedding. With our wedding packages, your catering will include:

  • Butlered hors d’oeuvres
  • Stationed hors d’oeuvres
  • Salad course
  • Entreé course
  • Wedding cake and additional dessert option
  • Beverage service

These items are included in both packages, but the amount of each item is determined based on which package you get. Be sure to read through the packages, or go through the packages with one of our representatives to find the perfect one for you and your wedding day.

Bohemia River Overlook is determined to help make your wedding day even more spectacular than you imagined it could be. That is why we offer unique locations for your ceremony, wedding packages that include a little bit of everything, and work with a caterer who offers gourmet food. We want your special day to be just that, special. Deciding between the manor, the barn, and the beach is a difficult decision, but a visit to and a tour around our venue can help you picture your special day and choose the perfect locations.

If you think Bohemia River Overlook may be the perfect venue for your wedding day, give us a call and begin planning your perfect celebration. We can help you find the best location and package to match your dream wedding. To schedule a visit and check for availability on your favorite location, contact us today and we can help you get started. We would love helping you make your wedding day dreams come true, contact us today with any questions you may have.

When you picture the perfect wedding venue, do you think about an open space surrounded by water? Do you picture a rustic barn with a country chic setting? Or maybe you picture a little bit of everything— with a waterfront view, a formal garden, an elegant fountain, and a beautiful house.

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