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09 April 2020

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Picking A Theme For Your Maryland Waterfront Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You’ve decided to choose a beautiful, Maryland waterfront venue as the ideal place to say your “I do’s” with the one you love. Your wedding venue choice says a lot about your personality as a couple, and could make choosing a theme for your wedding very easy. But just because you’ve chosen to have a waterfront Maryland wedding doesn’t mean you’re obligated to choose the “seaside” wedding theme and run with it. Wedding venues like Bohemia Overlook can help you: our waterfront destination weddings are highly versatile – you’ve got a lot of choice in how your wedding will ultimately look and feel, and venues like ours are eager to get creative in helping you get there. Consider our grounds and tents as a blank canvas to create your one of a kind setting. Here are a few big things to think about when picking a theme for your Maryland waterfront wedding venue.

Who are you as a couple? What matters to you most?

Your theme should reflect your personality, and every couple has those little favorite moments or inside jokes that make their story wholly unique. Maybe you met abroad or have a favorite European spot that you’ve both dreamed of visiting together. Incorporate elements of that special place into your big day. Or was there a hobby that brought you together? Perhaps you bonded over a love of great food and fine wine: there’s a wedding theme there, you’ve just got to get creative with it. At Bohemia Overlook you could take advantage of the property’s Blue Elk Vineyard, for first-look photos, or draw inspiration from the vineyard in your decorations and table arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Even serve their wine at the reception giving that destination feel.

Start with color.

Sometimes it’s easier to start with the colors you know you want to incorporate into your special day, and then let those help inform a logical theme that would work with them. If soft seaside teals and blues are calling to you, it might just so happen that a nautical or “beachy” themed wedding is your ideal. Navy is also an excellent choice for the seaside wedding, and it works with a lot of other colors (try navy and red or navy and white to really drum up that “Eastern seaboard Regatta” vibe, or navy and lime for a funky springtime take on the seaside affair).  Holding your wedding at The Barn at Bohemia Overlook would allow a rustic chic or rustic elegance to steal the show. Imagine using the tasting room, actually stables, for your cocktail hour and serving the vineyard’s wine, the total experience.  Or if you’re a fan of bolder, contrasting hues, hold a striking, elegant evening wedding at The Manor for a more classically-themed wedding (picture black tuxes, white roses, and gold jewelry, shoes, and decor pieces).

Season is key (especially for the outdoor wedding), so don’t forget it.

When your wedding occurs indoors, season and weather matter so much less. But when your wedding is outside, the season could determine the look and feel of your outdoor ceremony. If your favorite color in the world is a bright bubbly pink, you might decide not to have your outdoor, vineyard wedding in the fall where red and orange leaves in photos would clash. Or perhaps you’d envisioned a nighttime wedding ceremony surrounded by a sea of hundreds of candles (gorgeous!).

A fall wedding at Bohemia Overlook’s Barn would naturally evoke a rustic-feeling theme – use it! Or is your wedding set at The Beach during the day, in the height of summer? Don’t fight the urge to play upon the light feeling of a warm summer day with a casual, boho-inspired beachfront Maryland wedding theme. Let your choice in venue help guide your decisions on theme, rather than serve as a barrier.

Talk to Bohemia Overlook and let us help!

Still stuck on theme and which one would be perfect for you? Bohemia Overlook has seen hundreds of weddings take place at their stunning venues. The staff can suggest many wedding coordinators and planners they have worked with, to help steer you towards a look that’s uniquely yours and that they know will evoke exactly the feel you want in your wedding. With three different venues on the same estate, you are sure to achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted at the Maryland waterfront wedding venue of your dreams. Call us today at (443) 877-6313 and book your private tour to have all your questions answered.