Planning Your Wedding Part 2

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22 November 2018

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Planning Your Wedding Part 2

Wedding planning takes so much time and effort that you can hire someone to do it. But if you are the type that wants to plan your own wedding, you will need to make sure you get everything checked off your list before the wedding.

In our previous blog, we discussed a few of the many things that you need to plan for your wedding. We went over planning the time, day, venue, and vendors for the wedding, selecting the wedding party, picking your dress, and sending invitations. As mentioned in the previous blog, Bohemia River Overlook can help you create the perfect wedding. With three different locations to choose from at our venue, you can find the perfect space that will fit the theme, size, and style of your wedding. Choose between the beachthe barn, and the manor and enjoy a beautiful ceremony for your wedding.

Our last blog also mentioned the wedding packages that Bohemia River Overlook offers, including many different features including a golf cart that will take you around the venue. The Bohemia River Overlook Wedding Package and the “Boho Chic” Wedding Package can help make your wedding planning much easier!

Find An Officiant

While many people choose priests or ministers to be their wedding officiant, you can select anybody. It is easy for someone to get ordained online so that they can perform your wedding. Talk with your significant other and decide who you want to be the officiant. Once you decide, meet with them and go over the wedding. Map out the ceremony and make sure you have all of the documents you will need on the day. This is also a good time to decide what the officiant will read and how the ceremony will go. Plan out the ceremony so that everyone is on the same page.

Start Planning the Honeymoon

While this is not part of your wedding, it is an important part of the actual marriage. Regular vacations take a while to plan but your honeymoon is more important than regular vacations. Plan where you want to go, when you want to go, and how long you want to be there. Do you want to leave right after the wedding or take a few days before heading out?

Planning your honeymoon should not be a stressful part of wedding planning, so starting early can help to make it easier to deal with. You need to plan the destination you want to head to, the areas you want to visit, and the things you want to do while there. Honeymoon registries are a popular trend in the wedding world and allow guests to give you money for different activities that you want to do for your honeymoon. This means you won’t have to worry about paying too much for skydiving, snorkeling, and a swim with the dolphins. Instead, you can let your guests donate money to these activities rather than receiving three toasters and five pan sets. You can find a list of different honeymoon registry sites and comparisons from The Knot.


Speaking of honeymoon registry, you also need to take care of your regular wedding registry. Some people do not like giving money as a gift, even if it is going to an activity. For this reason, it is a good idea to also register at a few retailers. Register for items you need for your home, things you and your partner want, and other things that will be easy for your guests to get. Registering is important because it can help ensure you don’t actually receive three toasters.


In the last blog, we talked about decorations and how flowers make an easy and beautiful centerpieces for the wedding. Whether you choose to decorate with flowers or just use them in your ceremony, you will still need to hire a florist to make your bouquet and add arrangements around the venue. Florists are able to work several wedding in a day, so make sure they know the day of your wedding, the time, and the color scheme. You will obviously be picking out your bouquet, and the arrangements, but making sure they know the colors used in your wedding is important.

Finalize Plans For The Ceremony

Now that you wedding is drawing nearer, you should start finalizing plans for the ceremony and reception. This includes everything and anything. Let’s start with the vendors. While Bohemia River Overlook will provide you with a list of our favorite vendors when you use one of our wedding packages, checking up with them may be a good decision. If you are using our vendors or your own, you should contact them a month before your wedding and make sure they know the timelines, the menus, and every other detail is by you and them. You don’t want anything going wrong on your big day, and because of that, you want to make sure everyone else who has a part in your wedding knows what they are supposed to be doing. Once all the vendors are contacted you can feel better about the day going smoothly.

But if you want it to go as smoothly as possible, you also have to prepare the wedding party. A rehearsal dinner is an important part of a wedding and can help the families and wedding party know what they are doing and when. You will want to book the wedding rehearsal a day or two before the wedding, allowing family to fly in and making it easier for everyone.

Make Final Lists

Towards the end of your wedding planning you will hopefully have a final list of people who will be attending your wedding. Make sure you get this list to the vendors, especially the caterer, ensuring that you have enough food for everyone. If people have not yet responded, be sure to contact them and find out if they will make it or not. Then, you will want to make a final catering menu for your wedding.

The Finishing Touches

Some wedding plans are not as vital as others but are still important to do before the wedding. First, getting your wedding dress fitted needs to be done. Many people have a few fittings before their dress is perfect, so be prepared to try your dress on a few times before the big day.

Along with your dress, you will also want to make sure you break in your shoes, having shoes that are too tight or brand new and not yet broken in will make it hard for you to make it through the night pain free. So wear those beautiful and painful heels around the house until they are broken in and easier to wear around for hours.

You will also want to plan the seating chart, the playlist, the drinks you will want, hire someone to do your hair and makeup, plan when you want photos to be done, get gifts for your bridesmaids and maybe guests, and write your vows before the big day. There are many different aspects that go into a wedding, and making sure you have everything planned out accordingly will help you get through the night without any hiccups or mistakes. Even the simplest wedding takes a ton of planning, so be sure to start early or hire a wedding planner to help make sure you get everything crossed off your list. There are different things that can be excluded from your wedding and plans that can change to make the whole things easier, but that doesn’t mean you want need to plan aspects like the venue and vendors.

Planning your wedding isn’t meant to be stressful, and with our beautiful venues and wedding packages, it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a visit.

At Bohemia River Overlook, we offer a beautiful venue with three different locations that can give your wedding the feel you are going for. Whether you want a chic country wedding, a laid back beach ceremony, or an elegant celebration, we offer the venue for you! Our wedding packages can also help make your wedding planning easier.

Wedding planning takes so much time and effort that you can hire someone to do it. But if you are the type that wants to plan your own wedding, you will need to make sure you get everything checked off your list before the wedding.