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The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

Bohemia Overlook

31 January 2019

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The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how the bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. While the bride may be the main planner throughout the wedding, their partner should be ready to help too.

As your wedding day draws closer and the plan begin to finalize, you should make sure you are pulling you weight! If you leave your soon-to-be wife alone to make all of the plans, she will drive herself crazy and be overly stressed out. Now you don’t want that, do you? You want to show her that you can be there during stressful moments and work with him or her to create something wonderful and beautiful. While she may still be making all of the decisions, it is important for your to be there, helping her whenever she needs it, allowing her to destress, and ask for your help.

Planning a wedding is hard work, and since most men have not been planning their dream wedding since they were 12, it is most likely harder for the grooms. Even if it is as simple and licking the envelopes or picking the cake flavor, your involvement will mean a lot. Your partner will appreciate the effort and notice all the help you are providing.

But what should you do? How should you help and how can you help in the best ways possible? In this blog, we will give you some tips, creating the groom’s guide to wedding planning. Read on to get help before the big day!

Let’s start with the basics. After getting down on one knee and spilling your heart to the love of your life, the wedding planning will begin before you can even get back on your feet. Start as simple as possible and work your way down the list. It may look long, but once you get started on the easy items, you can cross them out and make the list more manageable.

The Date

The date is not really important, unless you want the day you get married to have some special significance, such as your first kiss or the first day you met. If the date is flexible, simply decide the date based on the type of weather you want during your wedding. Obviously, you can’t predict the weather, but a summer wedding will most likely ensure you are getting married on a nice and warm day.  Pick a day and have it set. Visiting venues to see which dates are available will also help your narrow it down.

The Venue

At first you think a backyard wedding would be easier, but you have had three birthday parties, a graduation party, and an engagement party in that backyard. Pick a special place for your wedding. Your soon-to-be bride is most likely going to want a venue that is gorgeous, unique, and something other than your backyard. A great place to start looking is at Bohemia Overlook in Maryland. Our venue offers three different locations on the property, allowing the two of you to pick the perfect look and feel you want for your wedding.

If she wants a wedding that is extravagant, romantic, and takes on the feel of a fairytale, the manor is a great location to check out. The waterfront views, 1930’s Manor House(no Bridal Suite here!), along with the reflective pool and fountain give this location a charming and elegant feel. This is a great location for a wedding that has a little bit of everything.

The beach location at our venue and vineyard is perfect for a more relaxed but extremely romantic wedding setting. With a private beach, beautiful pier, and our vineyard as the backdrop, this is an ideal location for the water lovers. The secluded area creates a wedding space that is intimate and personal.

If you are looking for something a little more unique and laid back, the barn location may be the one. The bold red barn makes for an elegant rustic setting, or a perfect country chic wedding.  This is a great space for a unique and fun wedding. The barn can help create the charming but relaxed celebration that you and your fiancée has been dreaming of.

No matter which location you choose at Bohemia Overlook, you can’t go wrong. We also offer wedding packages, which include the venue, coordinating house, tables, chairs, a specialty bar, and so much more! You will receive a list of our favorite vendors, which can help you decide everything from the music to photo booths, helping make your wedding planning much easier.

Whatever you are wanting for your wedding venue, Bohemia Overlook can help you find the perfect location and package!

The Guest List

Don’t just hand your soon-to-be wife a list of your closest friends and family members that you want at your wedding. Sit down together, help plan and discuss the guest list together. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be invited and it gets hard to choose who makes the list and who does not. There will be some who won’t be able to be invited, like some of her cousins, she will also need help deciding which friends make the cut, and which she should expect to not show up. This is a task you both need to do together. Sit down and talk it out, making and finalizing a list will be hard, but when you do it together, it won’t be such a daunting task.

Take Care of the Groom Stuff

Make sure you take care of your own chores through the wedding planning process. Don’t wait for your fiancée to tell you what to do or decide things for you. Take matters into your own hands, at least when it comes to the groom’s to-do list.

Pick out your groomsmen carefully. While you may think it is just fine to invite all of your rowdy buddies to stand by your side on your wedding day, make sure your best man is not the rowdiest of them all. Remember, he will most likely have to give a speech and you don’t want your brand-new wife crying because your best man made an inappropriate speech. Pick your best man carefully and make sure you invite the brothers to be your groomsmen, both your brothers and hers.

Decide on your tux together and take care of ordering it in a timely fashion. If not, i will just cause her more stress. Don’t change what the two of you settled on. Plan a day when you and all your Groomsmen can go together, it’s fun bonding, and you can make sure they get the right thing!

Writing your vows is another task you might not be so sure of. However, this is a great way to express your love for your partner, pour your heart out onto that paper and read it during the ceremony. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, this can actually be more difficult than writing college essays. You have to explain your love for someone else, in front of family and friends. If writer’s block kicks in, here are a few tips to make it easier: write simply, do not try getting overly creative or romantic, make it personal, speak honestly, and say what you feel. You don’t want to go over the top with a Shakespearean love sonnet. Remember that she knows you better than most people and expressing to her how you feel is done by saying what is in your heart.

Show Her Love

While there are many more wedding plans to make and help your fiancée with, we will start with the simple tasks as well as one of the most important things to do during wedding planning, choosing and planning together. Being stressed, nervous, anxious, is a given, but doing the planning, all while feeling overwhelmingly happy and in love, is a must. Make time show her love, spend time with her without making a single wedding plan, and help her remember why your two are getting married, because you love each other. Being there and helping her with whatever she needs is one of the most important things you can do. After all, this is now a partnership, help her plan, and make sure to never stop loving her throughout the planning process.

This is a simple and quick grooms guide. In a future blog, we will give you more tips and tricks to planning your wedding. Start with the simple decisions and keep moving forward from there, it will help. Being part of the planning process is important and will allow you and your fiancée to work through the problems together, as you should. Start by visiting Bohemia Overlook to schedule a visit to see our venue, our beautiful locations and learn more about our packages.