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What to Look for in a Maryland Waterfront Wedding Venue

Bohemia Overlook

11 February 2020

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What To Look for in a Maryland Waterfront Wedding Venue

A serene and idyllic waterfront vista is the dream wedding venue for so many brides-to-be; perhaps it’s your vision too! You’re in luck: Maryland is an incredible place to plan the perfect waterfront wedding. With lots of options and a wide variety in what it means to be “waterfront,” any bride can find the ideal situation for her fairytale, waterfront wedding. But not all Maryland waterfront wedding venues are made alike, and it’s important to have clear expectations of what you’re looking for during your tour and when speaking with wedding venues. Here are a few key things to look for in a Maryland waterfront wedding venue.

What does “waterfront” mean to you?

It seems like a silly question, yet “waterfront” can mean one-hundred different things to one-hundred different brides. Some brides want a one-with-nature, toes-in-the-sand sort of experience. If that’s you, talk to your venue about whether that dream “wedding on the beach in Maryland” can happen at their property. Bohemia Overlook offers weddings that are truly “at the beach,” with ceremonies taking place mere steps from the Elk River. Dip your toes in the delicate sands as you say “I do” to the sound of the lapping waves. Take photos with your true love from our idyllic pier overlooking the water while guests enjoy cocktails and cornhole from the banks of the river. It’s an experience that truly puts both the guests and the wedding party in the heart of nature for the ultimate wedding-by-the-waves experience.

However, this serene encounter with nature is not the only way to have a waterfront wedding. “Waterfront” could mean overlooking the water from a gorgeous, hilly vista or the refined comfort of a historic home. If this is more in line with your definition of the waterfront wedding, try Bohemia Overlook’s Manor location. Here, brides can prepare in the historic, 1930’s “Manor,” take breathtaking photos from the wrap-around porch or under the beech trees, and say “I do” at the crest of our majestic bluff overlooking – you guessed it – the tranquil waters of the Elk River. Brides who want to be near nature, if not necessarily immersed in it, will fall in love with The Manor. So consider carefully what having the ultimate “waterfront” wedding means to you and tour a wide range of venue solutions (from The Manor to The Beach, and everything in between).

Think about how you’ll prepare for the elements.

What is your venue’s solution for a rainy day wedding? For ceremonies planned on the banks of a shoreline, is there a back-up location? Are tents available for outdoor receptions? Brides pursuing a “Cinderella” ballroom wedding don’t have to think about the logistics of weather, but intrepid, nature-loving brides who want to break with tradition unfortunately do. Your waterfront wedding venue or beach wedding venue should be prepared for every eventuality and will let you know during the tour what your options are. At Bohemia Overlook, we’ve got brides covered. Receptions are held undercover of our beautiful white tents at both The Manor and The Beach, and ceremonies held in the wide outdoors are always offered a “back-up” location that’s undercover in some way should the weather take a turn.

Know where you and your party will get ready.

You’ve chosen that toes-in-the-sand experience: great! Will you roll up to the beach in your dress and get the ball a-rollin’, or does your venue have a plan for where you and your troupe will prepare and take pictures? Venues like Bohemia Overlook have a solution for everything. Brides can enjoy the morning with their party from the quaint comfort of The Beach House, a Nantucket-style home with vaulted ceilings, driftwood walls, and resort-style furnishings that’s ideal for those getting-ready shots and some chill time with your girls.

And don’t worry: guys won’t be left out in the cold. Bohemia Overlook offers grooms and groomsmen a day of relaxation at The Barracks (available for wedding parties at The Beach, The Manor, AND our Barn location). With a full bath, refrigerator, sink, microwave, and cornhole, badminton, chess, and more games than your man can handle, the boys are in for an awesome day of guy-time before the big event.

Don’t forget about those all-important questions you’d ask of any wedding venue!

It’s a beautiful Maryland beachfront wedding venue that’s got you seeing stars and over the moon for your big day, as well you should be. But don’t forget to ask your wedding venue those nitty-gritty questions that are a must, no matter where you’re getting married. For example:

  • How is pricing structured? Is it all-inclusive or are packages priced in pieces?
  • Can you bring in your own outside vendors, or are you required to choose from a list of venue-preferred vendors?
  • What about guest logistics? Parking? Overnight accommodations?

These are just a few of the key things you need to remember to ask, no matter how excited you are about your dream wedding by the water. Fortunately, Bohemia Overlook is prepared to answer all your questions and more. Whether you’re looking for that laid-back beach experience or a traditional, elegant wedding by the shore, we’re here to help you have the fairytale wedding day that you’ve always wanted. Talk to us about your options and why Bohemia Overlook is the ideal venue for a waterfront wedding in Maryland. We can be reached via our online form or by calling (443) 877-6313.