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Getting Married During a Worldwide Pandemic

Bohemia Overlook

27 April 2020

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Getting Married During a Worldwide Pandemic

Getting Married During a Worldwide Pandemic: How Bohemia Overlook is working to save your wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Caroline Streett

As the weather begins to warm and flowers bloom with joy, wedding season is upon us. But more unfortunately, so is a worldwide pandemic. Wedding planning is stressful enough without having to add national emergency to your plate, and here at Bohemia Overlook we empathize with you during these trying times. More than anything we want to be here for you and make your fairytale dreams a reality, and although the pandemic of COVID-19 may complicate wedding planning, your special day is still possible, it will happen. Bohemia Overlook is the ideal place to hold your event, let us tell you why.

Our three venues boast wide open spaces, outdoor ceremony and a stunning tented reception area. With the added elements of a fresh breeze, sunshine and a gorgeous view of the Elk River to set the scene, Bohemia Overlook is the ideal space for your wedding. Beyond that, the flexibility for space between guests is much easier to achieve as you are not confined to just one room or banquet hall.

In addition to the privacy and scenic views that our outdoor venues of the Manor and the Beach provide, we are also being flexible with postponement dates of our current clients. Taking into account the stay-at-home orders issued by the government as well as the postponement of major world events like the Olympics and the Met Gala, we realize that holding a ceremony within these next couple of weeks is clearly not plausible. However, for our current clients we have provided optional alternative dates for rescheduling without losing any money.

COVID-19 is hurting all of us in the wedding industry and we will work together with our couples and their vendors to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

In a final testament to our flexibility amid a crisis, we are also providing virtual tours on our site to limit social encounters while providing a look into all three of our venues. These virtual tours utilize a drone and high-quality imaging to bring our estate into your living room. Take a virtual trip above the very lawn of the Manor house and imaging yourself walking on, down the aisle of your special day. Take in the charm of our barn venue while not even having to leave the comfort of your own couch. Soar over the Elk River as your eyes bask in the breathtaking views of the waterfront scenery our venue and vineyard provide. If interested afterwards, submit an inquiry to come and take a tour.

Although we are flexible, we do realize that your other vendors for the wedding may not be, and for that we offer a few suggestions to avoid cancellations. Firstly, you might consider a more intimate wedding at our venue, perhaps with only your closest friends and family. While a big wedding may be your vision, there are perks to smaller ceremonies. One of the most wonderful advantages of a smaller wedding is getting to actually celebrate along with your family and friends. Beyond that, a smaller ceremony can alleviate the possibility stress and financial responsibilities.

Another idea would be to live stream your wedding. While it probably is not how you envisioned sharing these moments, in a new time of social distancing it may be a valid option.

Whether you opt for the smaller ceremony or a postponement in hopes for the grand traditional event, our staff is here to help with the transition. Before making a decision to postpone, make sure you check with your caterer and other vendors for their open dates. Then we all can work together to make your dream day come true here at the gorgeous Bohemia Overlook.

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