Planning A Country Wedding

There are so many wedding styles and themes, allowing couples to find the perfect style wedding that represents who they are and what they like. Finding the right style for your wedding shouldn’t be too difficult, but always remember to stick with what fits you and what makes sense for you and your soon-to-be spouse. [...]

Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

The world of weddings is always changing, and in the past few years we have seen changes that are dramatic and brilliant. Couples are stepping away from the traditional wedding and planning ceremonies and receptions that are catered more toward what they like and their personal style. Boho weddings, country weddings, simple weddings, and themed [...]

Preparation and Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, and Bohemia Overlook is the perfect place for exactly this. Outdoor weddings have the most gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene to create your dream day. Manor weddings, beach weddings, and even Barn [...]

The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how the bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. While the bride may [...]

Ways to Plan a Unique Wedding

Your wedding is a special time in your life. It is the event that leads to a partnership that will last the rest of your life. This is probably why weddings are so important to many people. It is a celebration of love and a union of two families. Wedding are a celebration, not just [...]

How To Destress Before Your Wedding

Preparing for your wedding day is a lot of work and planning. You have to make an endless amount of decisions, from the date to the type of floors. Making a guest list and finalizing that list is a tough enough task as is, but add that to the hundreds of other things you have [...]

Wedding Day Good Luck & Bad Luck

You want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, but that usually isn’t the case. Being prepared can make the day go as planned, and having a team of professional vendors behind you will ensure near perfection. One common superstition that you may have to worry about if you are having an outdoor wedding [...]

The Importance of a Hair And Makeup Trial

There are many things you need to do to plan your wedding, we covered some of the most important things in our Planning Your Wedding blogs, part one and part two. But even after you have planned more of your wedding, there is still a ton of planning that needs to be done to complete the perfect bridal [...]

Planning Your Wedding Part 2

Wedding planning takes so much time and effort that you can hire someone to do it. But if you are the type that wants to plan your own wedding, you will need to make sure you get everything checked off your list before the wedding. In our previous blog, we discussed a few of the [...]

Planning Your Wedding Part 1

Congratulations! You have recently gotten engaged and now it is time to put in months of wedding planning. Yes, months. Weddings are an important day, and most people want them to be as special as possible, with every last detail planned out perfectly—which will take months to do. From the date to the vendors, you [...]

Pro Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Twinkling rope lights strung about, flowers displayed on every surface, gorgeously prepared meals and desserts, mason jar glasses, and cut chalkboard signs—these are the things that make up a wedding. The decor, the food, the drink, the setting, and the feeling are all planned out, down to every last detail. These things are important and […]

Tips to Planning Your Own Wedding and Using a Planner

Weddings take a lot of planning, surely you have realized that by now, but not everyone is great at planning. There are some brides that try planning their own wedding and realize they have not idea what they are doing or what they should be doing. Some couples don’t realize how much work is put […]

The Types of Veils

The veil has a long history and a strange tradition. According to Bustle, in ancient Roman times, brides were covered from head-to-toe with a flame colored veil, which was used to scare away evil spirits. The veil was also meant to help stop them from running away, which was an actual concern. An article from Brides, also […]

Reasons to Write Your Own Vows

Wedding vows are such a special part of a marriage. They are promises that you make to your loved one, letting them know what they can expect during your life together. This promise is not just words, it has meaning and purpose in your new relationship as a married couple. In the past, people would […]

Steps to Writing Your Own Vows

Your wedding day is a special day for you and the love of your life. There are many ways to make the day even more personal and special. Writing your own vows is one way to make sure that this day is as romantic and has as much meaning as possible. Writing your own vows […]

Planning Your Wedding Budget- Part One

As you plan your wedding, you may become overwhelmed with details, wanting to add a little bit of everything to create your dream wedding. Every couple wants the perfect wedding, with a spectacular venue, decorations that seem to be out of a fairytale, and a honeymoon that is better than anything you ever imagined. Seems […]

Planning Your Wedding Budget- Part Two

Weddings can get pricey, and while you want your wedding to be something that is straight out of a fairytale, you don’t want to spend all of your savings on creating that. Setting a wedding budget can help you avoid breaking the bank and allow you to focus on the aspects of your wedding that […]

Tips to Enjoying Your Wedding

After months of planning for your perfect dream wedding, the big day has finally arrived. This is the time when you can finally relax and enjoy all the hard work and planning your have put into your special day. However, it can be difficult to sit back and truly enjoy your wedding. Many couples think […]

Tips to Being the Best Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, you are part of the bride’s mini-army. While you were chosen because you hold a special place is the bride’s heart, you also have a duty to make sure as little goes wrong as possible. This is an unspoken agreement, but if you want to be the best bridesmaid possible, you will […]

Tips to Planning a Bachelorette Party

As the maid of honor, you have the fun and exciting duty of planning the bachelorette party — one last party for your friend before one of the most important days of her life. Being a maid of honor is a big responsibility. You have a lot of duties and expectations. You may even be […]