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Getting Married During a Worldwide Pandemic

Getting Married During a Worldwide Pandemic: How Bohemia Overlook is working to save your wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic By Caroline Streett As the weather begins to warm and flowers bloom with joy, wedding season is upon us. But more unfortunately, so is a worldwide pandemic. Wedding planning is stressful enough without having to add [...]

Picking A Theme For Your Maryland Waterfront Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You’ve decided to choose a beautiful, Maryland waterfront venue as the ideal place to say your “I do’s” with the one you love. Your wedding venue choice says a lot about your personality as a couple, and could make choosing a theme for your wedding very easy. But just because you’ve chosen to have [...]

Wedding Planner vs. Day of Coordinator

The modern wedding can be an elaborate, multi-stage affair. You’ll likely have a rehearsal dinner, getting-ready photos on the day of, pre-wedding drinks for your guests, first-look photos, the ceremony, and of course an epic reception (and as weddings become increasingly personalized, even more wedding-day events may be added). The typical bride will have had [...]

What To Look for in a Maryland Waterfront Wedding Venue

A serene and idyllic waterfront vista is the dream wedding venue for so many brides-to-be; perhaps it’s your vision too! You’re in luck: Maryland is an incredible place to plan the perfect waterfront wedding. With lots of options and a wide variety in what it means to be “waterfront,” any bride can find the ideal [...]

Your Wedding, Your Style

There are so many wedding styles and themes, allowing couples to find the perfect one that represents who they are as a couple is sure to be fun. Finding the right style for your wedding will be easy if you stick with one that fits and what makes sense for you and your soon-to-be spouse. [...]

Preparation and Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a popular trend in the recent years, and Bohemia Overlook is the perfect place for exactly this. Outdoor weddings have the most gorgeous wedding photos. These weddings are a fun way to mix it up and set the scene to create your dream day. Manor weddings, beach weddings, and even Barn [...]

The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

We often discuss wedding planning, what the bride should do to make sure everything is perfect, and how the bride can prepare for her perfect day. But what we forget from time to time is that a marriage is a partnership, and the groom is involved in this celebration as well. While the bride may [...]

Wedding Day Good Luck & Bad Luck

You want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, but that usually isn’t the case. Being prepared can make the day go as planned, and having a team of professional vendors behind you will ensure near perfection. One common superstition that you may have to worry about if you are having an outdoor wedding [...]