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Your Wedding, Your Style

Bohemia Overlook

14 March 2019

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Your Wedding, Your Style

There are so many wedding styles and themes, allowing couples to find the perfect one that represents who they are as a couple is sure to be fun. Finding the right style for your wedding will be easy if you stick with one that fits and what makes sense for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Whether you have both loved the beach your entire life or you’re both obsessed with Harry Potter, you can create a wedding based around your mutual interests, and passions. Wedding themes truly are endless, so make a list of the top 3 then narrow from there.

Let’s talk about making your wedding, truly, YOUR wedding. From Country Chic to romantic elegance, creating the coordinating details takes planning, everything from the invitations to the bouquet and the catering to the brides’ maids dresses should all flow.

In this blog, we will give you tips and ideas for planning your customized wedding! If you are planning on your own, continue reading to get the best ideas to complete every last detail DIY or if you hired a Wedding Planner, we have ideas to guide them.

The Venue

Let’s start with the venue. Having a Pinterest page with the details will begin the planning, and sorting of ideas, but if the venue does not have the same feel the rest of your plan, it won’t flow. So, make sure you find the right venue to fit your style and then continue to make all the pieces fit from there. At Bohemia Overlook, one of our three venue locations are sure to help you accomplish perfection.

Our Barn venue is perfect if you are looking for a country inspired style. The historic stone and burnt red exterior is a beautiful and bold backdrop for your ceremony. This is the perfect location for a small and intimate country wedding holding up to 110 guests.

Bohemia Overlook’s Manor venue and it’s grand, 1930’s Manor house, the gorgeous white tent with its crystal chandelier and chivari chairs is sure to impress! Sheer elegance is sure to fit many different styles. Our graceful venue can hold up to 300 guests, for the bigger celebration!

Then there is our Beach venue, right at waters edge. With a beautiful Nantucket style house and furnishings, 60’ X 90’ tent with Edison style light strings, chandelier, LED color changing up-lighting and sand to sink your toes in! You are sure to create your dream day with ease.

The Invitations

Creating invitations to reflect your day is a must. Of course, you want them to be pretty, but they also should have some important information on them. Information like: Will it be an outdoor event, so your guests can dress appropriately, Which venue on our property will your wedding be? This way guests have a sense or know what to tell the gate attendant when arriving. Also, make sure to ask if any guests have allergies the caterer should be aware of, most will prepare a special meal for that guest.

The Decor

Décor is an important part of a wedding and can help tie everything together and add the charms. First, check with the venue to see what they do and do not allow. Open flame candles are usually not allowed, lanterns are a great way to have some sparkling light on the tables without the worry of them blowing out or falling over. If it is outdoor, make sure your centerpieces and other tall items can with stand breezes and bumps from guests. Make sure you have easels if you want something large, like table assignments, displayed standing. Some people choose to buy tablecloths. We have seen that this can be more trouble than it’s worth. Keep in mind when you receive BRAND NEW tablecloths, they come in small packages full of creases. You will have to wash, dry and steam out the creases to make these look presentable. Most caterers can rent any color or style table clothes for a fraction of the cost, then they put the dirty ones in a bag and you don’t think of them again!

The Catering

Yes, you can even design your wedding menu to match your style. The food can also help set the tone of your event for your guests. A meal can be the most casual ribs, beans and chicken or an elegant plated meal of filet mignon and lobster. Choosing the right caterer is a big decision. Cost is generally first priority, but we want to inform you how some caterers keep these costs down, of which you don’t find out until it’s too late. We will give you some questions to ask any caterer you are interviewing for your wedding. Most caterers want to start off by luring you in with a cost per head, but keep in mind, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Ask what the extra costs will be: trash removal, tablecloth rentals, travel cost, bar mixers, ask how many servers they plan to have, will it be enough to accomplish all the venue requires, and how much extra will each additional server cost you? Here at Bohemia Overlook, we have vetted and worked with many caterers. We have done the math and realized cost per head, generally doesn’t actually mean what you will be paying per head in the end. If you choose our venue, you will have an extensive list of caterers to choose from and it is growing every day. We know these caterers provide quality food and the service needed to work at our venue. There are a range of costs and tastes to fit every style and budget, and we can put in in direct touch with the person in charge.

The Cake

The cake! Yes, it has to be delicious! Yes, it has to reflect the style of the wedding, but does it have to be decorated…well that’s up to you and your fiancé! Naked cakes are more cost effective and usually the florist will put some fresh flowers on it for a fraction of the cost of icing roses. A popular trend now is a small cake for cutting and then a dessert buffet, if you will. Full of donuts, mini pies, cookies, popcorn, you name it, we have seen it! A pretty cake is a must for some, but if you want your guests to have something to talk about…have a dessert bar! Another trend are ice cream trucks! Can you imagine your guests delight being able to hit the ice cream truck all night long! Ask us for a list of vendors we recommend that provide these cool services.

Late Night Snacks

Late night snacks are on trend right now. Cocktails are at 5, dinner generally at 6, then hours of dancing and drinking. Late night snacking, usually served an hour or so before the end, is a great idea and guests love it. We have seen a popcorn bar, pretzels and cheese, mini pizzas, even sliders. Ask your caterer what their choices are and if they are right for your wedding evening.

The Ceremony Site

At Bohemia Overlook, your ceremony site and photographs will be second to none. Our Manor venue, sits atop 100 foot cliff with an expansive view of the Elk River, our Beach venue, you are right on water’s edge with the waves making music as you walk down the aisle and our Barn venue, with its red siding and stone is straight out of a magazine! We provide a gorgeous arbor, sturdy and strong, just waiting to be decorated by you or your florist! We also set up beautiful, clean, white padded chairs for your ceremony, in the layout you choose, there are 3, and the grass is cut, and sprayed for bugs!

The Attire

The wedding party’s attire can also help bring more personal style to your wedding. Choose color opposed to the safe neutrals, your photographs will turn out beautifully! Men as well can have a colored suit. Go on Pinterest and look at the color choices, you won’t regret it when the photos come back. If it is an outdoor ceremony, make sure the ladies shoes are appropriate and comfortable. Nothing worse than spending a fortune on some awesome shoes, and you can only wear them an hour because they hurt! Make sure the men are comfortable as well, wearing t-shirts under their dress shirt is a good way to stay cooler and dry when they take off their jackets to party!

Contact Bohemia Overlook Today

Planning your wedding will be fun, and the styles are endless. But making sure you plan out each and every detail can help you pull it all together and allow you to create a beautiful day that exudes your style. Start planning your dream wedding today! Bohemia Overlook can help by offering 3 unique venues. Contact us to schedule a private tour to see and hear all we have to offer for your wedding day!