Planning A Country Wedding

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14 March 2019

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Planning A Country Wedding

There are so many wedding styles and themes, allowing couples to find the perfect style wedding that represents who they are and what they like. Finding the right style for your wedding shouldn’t be too difficult, but always remember to stick with what fits you and what makes sense for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Whether you have both loved the beach your entire life or you’re both obsessed with Harry Potter, you can create a wedding based around your style, interests, and passions. The themes and styles for weddings truly are endless, it is just finding the right style for you that may be the hard part.

Today we will talk about specific wedding themes that have become popular. The rustic style is a current wedding trend that is charming, fun, and beautiful. Creating the perfect country wedding takes a lot of planning, everything from the invitations to the bouquet can have a touch of country style.

In this blog, we will give you tips to planning the perfect rustic wedding down to every last detail! If you are planning your own country wedding, continue reading to get the best ideas to complete every last detail.

The Venue

Let’s start with the venue. Having all the details and everything planned out perfectly will help complete your wedding, but if the venue does not have the same rustic look the rest of your wedding has, something will feel off. So, make sure you find the right venue for your rustic wedding and then finish planning from there. There are a few options for the country wedding venue. Outdoors in the mountains, in a peaceful field that stretches across to horizon, or at a cute and rustic barn. Country themed weddings will have some outdoorsy and rugged style, and a barn is the perfect option because it allows you to have a strong country vibe and the ability to move the party indoors as well.

At Bohemia River Overlook, one of our three locations is the barn. This venue is perfect to complete your country inspired look. The burnt red exterior provides a beautiful and bold backdrop for your ceremony. This classic colored barn doesn’t look too worn out, but looks rustic enough to add some character to your wedding. The bricks, red siding, and green roof of the barn all work together to create the perfect country wedding venue. This is the perfect location for a small and intimate country wedding. This venue can hold 120 people and includes everything necessary for a fun and comfortable ceremony and reception. This includes:

  • Up to 120 padded chairs for the ceremony
  • Up to 6 café tables
  • Up to 120 wood chairs for reception
  • Built-in bar
  • 15 guest tables for reception
  • 5 rectangular tables

The venue and everything that is included can help transform your dreams of a rustic country wedding into reality and help make the planning process easier for you! This wedding venue has a special chic style that will add a charming and rustic look to your special day.

The Invitations

You want your country themed wedding to have a touch of country from beginning to end. This means that the invitations should have a hint of country as well. Wedding invitations may not be the most important part, but they certainly can be fun and fit the theme. Add natural detailing to your invitations to give them a more rustic look. Don’t make them too flashy or fancy, it will throw off the rustic theme. You can even have some fun with shapes. Create an invitation shaped like a cowboy boot, a bale of hay, or barn doors. These ideas are cute, creative, and help your guest know what your wedding theme is.

The Decor

Decorations are an important part of a wedding. They can help tie everything together and add even more country style to your wedding celebration. Country weddings are fun and easy to decorate for. What you have to do before you decorate is pick an exact style for your country wedding. There are many country decor styles and mixing them all up can get chaotic and confusing. So, stick to one uniform style and then plan your decorations.

Your decorations should include natural elements—plants, flowers, hay bales, antlers, and even natural colors can help to add to your country wedding. Intermix these elements with things like mason jars, galvanized buckets, burlap placemats, and other rustic and barn like items. These elements combined will create the perfect scene for your rustic celebration.

Handmade chalkboard signs, natural wood picture frames, lanterns, and plenty of string lights can give your country theme an extra pop. Every good country wedding uses string lights to give a nice and calming glow, plus thaey are beautiful and add a ton of style.

The Food

Yes, you can even design your wedding menu to match the country style. Ribs, baked beans, fried chicken, biscuits, pulled pork sandwiches, steak and potatoes, corn on the cob, and any other favorite country themed food options. The food can also help set the tone of your wedding and allow people to really get into the country spirit! Plus, who doesn’t love these classic country barbecue food options?

The Cake

The cake can also be decorated in a country style. With a natural and outdoorsy look, your cake can tie the entire reception together. These cakes can be fun, gorgeous, and simple. A cake with flowers, tree bark detailing, and other rustic touches are a beautiful way to transform a regular wedding cake into something that adds to the overall theme of your celebration.

The Altar

The altar at your wedding is the backdrop for the most memorable moment and gorgeous photos of the newly married couple. This means that the altar should be planned out and designed to match your style. Use cloth, flowers, natural wood, lights, twigs, and other rustic elements to create an alter that is unique and has a country feel to it. This is a great way to mix the country style with something elegant as well, giving the outdoorsy theme a classic flair.

The Attire

The wedding party’s attire can also help bring more country style to your wedding. Having fun with different country and outdoorsy styles can add to the look of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, tying the entire theme together. There are many ways to do this, either with colors, shoe choice of accessories. It can be simple to enhance your wedding day attire with these country styles.

For the bride and bridesmaids, there are many fun things that can add to the country theme. Have your bridesmaids wear flannels over their dresses for a style accessory that really gives of the rustic outdoors feel. Or give them a personalized gift by getting each bridesmaid an embroidered denim button down.  Cowboy boots is another great way to add to the country style. Swapping out the heels for boots is a great way to keep the theme spread throughout the entire wedding. You can even wear blue boots to represent your “something blue” and have all of your bridesmaid wear boots as well.

For the groom, a cowboy hat is always an option, but not every groom is going to be that into the country theme. But other styles that can give them a more rugged and country style include jeans, a tan suede jacket, tweed vests, and, if they are really feeling bold, a bolo tie! These are fun and simple ways to give the groom and groomsmen a country look. And of course cowboy boots can be worn by them as well.

The attire can help give your wedding an even more country feel. If you show up to your country themed wedding without any hint of country style, your guest will be confused and you will look out of place.

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Planning a country wedding can be fun and can be just as charming and breath-taking as an elegant and modern wedding. But making sure you plan out each and every detail can help you pull it all together and allow you to create a beautiful and rustic styled wedding. Start planning your dream country wedding today! Bohemia River Overlook can help by offering our barn venue. This beautiful and rustic barn can set the stage for your beautiful country wedding. Contact us today to schedule a tour and get your questions answered.