Planning Your Wedding Part 1

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08 November 2018

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Planning Your Wedding Part 1

Congratulations! You have recently gotten engaged and now it is time to put in months of wedding planning. Yes, months. Weddings are an important day, and most people want them to be as special as possible, with every last detail planned out perfectly—which will take months to do. From the date to the vendors, you will have to plan out more than you probably imagined, which can become stressful.

Hiring a wedding planner may be a good choice for some, but for those who want to plan it on their own, there are many resources that can help make this daunting task easier. Checklists, friends who have recently been married, and sometimes even the venue you choose can help you make all the final decisions.

Some of the first things you need to do involve other people. Start by telling people about your engagement, it is probably a good idea to start with your parents and other close family members. Once you tell your family, go ahead and let the rest of the world know, whether you post it on social media or take the old fashioned route and create an engagement announcement for the local newspaper. Now you need to start planning for the actual event.

Think about who is going to be in the wedding, who you will invite to the wedding, and when you want the wedding to be. Do you want a winter wedding? Or a beautiful spring wedding? Do you want it indoor or outdoor? Depending on when your wedding is, if you want it indoors or outdoors, and the amount of people you are expecting, you will need to start finding the perfect venue.

If you are looking for an outdoor venue that offers beautiful backdrops, amazing setups, and a few great options, look no further! At Bohemia River Overlook, you can find the perfect venue for you and your wedding. With three different locations to choose from at our venue, you can find the one that fits your style and needs perfectly.

What We Offer

Enjoy your special day with a waterfront view, a majestic pier, and a private beach by having your wedding at the beach location. Have your elegant, fairytale wedding accented with a formal garden, reflective pool, and a fountain at the manor location. Or go for the rustic and charming feel with a country chic themed wedding at the barn location. Because Bohemia River Overlook offers three different locations to host your wedding, you will be able to choose the one that matches your vision while enjoying everything else that we have to offer.

Bohemia River Overlook also offers wedding packages which include access to the vineyard for photographs and golf cart to bring the couple around the venue, linens for the tables provided by the venue, specialty bar, dinner napkins, a list of vendors, and caterers.

Now that you have the venue and catering out of the way, you are a few steps closer to completely planning your wedding! But that does not mean you are almost done. Like we said before, wedding planning takes months, and creating your dream wedding will require extra work and some additional planning. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that need to be done in the planning process.

By now you have hopefully figured out a timeline and budget for your wedding, but if not, that is the next thing you should do. Setting a time limit and a budget can help make planning go smoother, helping you make decisions quickly and not waste money on things you may not need. After these are set, you can start planning for the fun stuff!


While Bohemia River Overlook will provide you with a list of vendors when you select one of our wedding packages, you may want to use some of your own, perhaps that helped with your friend’s or sister’s wedding. If this is the case, make sure you have all the vendors checked off your list!

Photographer & Videographer

Having memories of your wedding is important, but you may be too busy during your wedding to take it all in. Photographs and videos can be a great way to keep those memories forever and see how your wedding actually went. Candid shots of your guests dancing, videos of the speeches given, and intimate photos of the newlyweds are an extremely special part of the wedding, so don’t forget to find the best photographer early.

Flowers & Decor

The flowers and your decorations can really change the feel of your wedding. You will want to make sure they fit your theme, color scheme, and budget. Flowers are a great way to add simple decorations around your venue, make excellent center pieces, and should match your bouquet. No matter what you choose for your flowers and decor, a vendor can help you create your entire venue style and help you stay on budget.


To many people, dancing is the best part of the wedding—that means you want to have a musician or DJ that will keep the dance floor full all night long. Whether you hire a friend who you know is talented or you hunt down the musician you think will best fit your wedding style, finding the right musical talent is important to keeping the wedding fun!

Dress Shopping

You will also need to go dress shopping for your bridesmaids. Again, think about the color scheme to make the dress selections easier. Then think about whether you want them to all wear the same style or have the same color in many different styles. Bridesmaids dresses can be fun, so don’t obsess over the sophisticated and formal look. Have them try on a few and pick your favorite.

Your wedding dress is obviously one of the most important parts of the wedding, you have probably been dreaming about it for years and have the perfect one designed in your head. Erase those imaginary designs. You dream wedding dress may not even exist and if it does, it may be well out of your budget.

Start fresh. Think about what you want, what your wedding theme is, what time of year you are getting married, and other factors that will determine the style of dress. Try on a ton of different dresses to make sure you like a certain style. You may not have ever imagined yourself in an extravagant ball gown, but that may be just the dress you find yourself loving. Picking your dress shouldn’t be stressful, and if you start early, you will have time to make sure you select the right one.

Send Out Invitations

After finalizing a guest list, send out invitations. Make sure you guest list does not exceed the amount of people that can fit at the venue you chose. Send out your invitations a few months in advance so that your guests have time to check their schedules, confirm they are coming, and send you back their RSVP. Once you have a final list of the guests who are attending, you can continue making plans and arranging for the amount of people who will be attending.

Continue Planning

While these are only a few of the many things that must be done to plan your wedding, we will let you take a break! Our next blog will continue with the wedding planning checklist and make sure you get everything done in time. Start out with the easy things that don’t require a ton of planning, and start thinking about what your wedding will look like. But remember, before you start planning anything, set a budget that you stick to! To find a full wedding planning checklist, click here!

At Bohemia River Overlook, we can help you create the perfect wedding. Choose one of our beautiful venues, select a wedding package, and review a list of vendors. To start your wedding planning, contact us today, we can help you create the wedding you have always dreamed of.